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11 Jul 13

18th Single : 「HURRICANE」 : CD Covers

CD covers for Lead’s 18th Single, 「HURRICANE」, have been released!


Lead's 18th Single - 「HURRICANE」


Limited Edition Back Covers:
Lead's 18th Single - 「HURRICANE」
If you purchase all four limited editions and arrange the back covers together, it will then become one single image.


Added the CD covers & information to the Maxi Singles section.
Also, added a new section for their ringtone/digital releases here.


11 Jun 25

18th Single : 「HURRICANE」

Lead is set to release their 18th single, 「HURRICANE」, on August 10, 2011! There are a total of five versions: a regular edition & four limited editions. The coupling song, 「CAN’T STOP」, which was released via mobile back in May and had topped the Rekochoku charts will also be included. The third track on the CD single will be different for each edition as well.



For more information (& any future updates) please visit here:
» http://www.le-volution.com/forum/index.php?topic=2182.0


10 Dec 16

Upturn 2010 Video Clips

Here a some performance clips from the Upturn 2010 DVD:


» Opening & 光 (Hikari)
» Speechless
» Dance Performance *new
» Medley *new
» SPEED STAR★ *new


I will upload a few more clips, so please watch this space for any future updates.


10 Nov 12

Upturn 2010 ~I’ll Be Around★~ DVD Cover

11.12.2010The Upturn 2010 ~I’ll Be Around★~ DVD cover has been released. I’ve added it to the DVD & VHS section.


[Update: 2010.11.15] Added set list.


10 Sep 12

Lead Upturn 2010 DVD!

Lead’s summer tour DVD, 「Lead Upturn 2010~I’ll Be Around★~」, is set to be released on December 08, 2010!
The DVD will feature Lead’s live performance from their August 27th concert at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo.


+ + + +


DVD: Lead Upturn 2010~I’ll Be Around★~
Release Date: 2010/12/08
Catalog No.: PCBP-52055
Price: 5,500yen (tax in.)


For more information (& any future updates) please visit here:
» http://www.le-volution.com/forum/index.php?topic=2103.0

10 Jul 4

「SPEED STAR★」 Twitter Trending Project

A fan has organized a Twitter trending project for Lead’s upcoming single, 「SPEED STAR★」.


For more information please view this post:


Many thanks to ayachan116 for the heads up & translation.